What an enJOYable Spring Morning this will be and we would LOVE for you to join us!!

We will first gather at 9:30am here at the Henington House for breakfast beverages and delectables, fellowship and laughter.

You'll want to bring along with you a plant or plants -  if you'd like to trade/swap a plant for a new addition for your garden, and your favorite clippers - if you'd like to take cuttings off of anything we have here in our gardens. 

The Gardens, the Henington House and the Gardener's Cottage will all be open for you to casually tour, hopefully inspiring you with simple ideas that you can create in your own homes and Gardens!

Everyone will go home with a spring plant, a packet of some of our favorite seeds and (it is our hope) a whole lot of encouragement to enJOY your own Home & Garden!!!

Dress Casual and Comfortable!

SATURDAY, APRIL 25, HH Spring Garden Day Coffee & Plant Swap